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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any space available now?

To find out if we are accepting new clients, please call our admissions office at 1-888-450-0949.
Do you accept insurance?
We accept most insurance coverage plans, but are always flexible in working with each client to get them the detox care they both need and deserve. We can almost always offer some level of care for the individual regardless of their type of insurance coverage.
What if I’m uninsured?
We are dedicated to helping as many people get the treatment they both need and deserve after suffering from long-term, debilitating addiction. If you or your loved one are uninsured, we do offer clients private payment options. Please call our admissions office to speak to someone new about your precise needs.
What should I bring with me?
Outpatient detox means that you will be visiting our offices for daily treatment, while living at home. As a client, you really don’t need to bring anything in particular with you for your daily treatment.
Can I live at home?
Yes. Our outpatient treatment model means that you will visit our offices for daily treatment, but will be able to carry out the rest of your day in your normal environment, sustain a work schedule and take advantage of remaining at home during your detoxification program.
Can I live in a supported recovery home?
Yes. We absolutely encourage anyone who has decided to take the journey into long-term recovery to seriously consider temporarily living in a supported recovery community. There are many options that are locally available in Palm Beach County, where our office is located. We would be happy to make some suggestions to the individual.

Are couples allowed?

We’re proud to offer a couples detoxification track since couples who share an addiction are more likely to get the treatment they need by taking the first step together by attending detox. Our marriage and family counselor, along with our case manager(s) will help to guide pre-existing, domesticated couples toward the next phase of treatment following detox, that may or may not be shared together as a couple.

What is addiction detox?

Yes. Our outpatient treatment model means that you will visit our offices for daily treatment, but will be able to carry out the rest of your day in your normal environment, sustain a work schedule and take advantage of remaining at home during your detoxification program.
Why do I need to go through addiction detox?
The detoxification phase of the recovery process is the most threatening time for relapse for the individual, as withdrawal symptoms, cravings and triggers often lead to relapse without the proper supervision and medical protocol of a detoxification center. By consenting to a medically supervised detox, the individual is safeguarded from the threat of relapse because their symptoms are meticulously treated to the point where they are no longer threatening one’s goal of remaining sober.

How come medication is used during detox?

By administering a specifically designed medication protocol for the individual, the detoxification center can successfully flush out the toxins that have built up as a result of drug and/or alcohol abuse with little or no uncomfortable symptoms. In some instances, detoxification can instigate painful reactions, seizures, delirium tremens, and even death. However, with the care and oversight of a detoxification facility, the individual will almost certainly be prevented from experiencing these symptoms.

Why do you get withdrawal symptoms from detox?

The human body is a remarkable machine that is capable of adjusting its physiology in order to cope with its environment. Drugs and alcohol are foreign substances to the body that actually cause a chemical reaction. However, over time and with continued use, the body learns to adapt by living with these chemicals and building up what we call a tolerance. This becomes the body’s “new normal”. When a person with a tolerance to these drugs abruptly stops using them, the body compensates both physically and emotionally by producing painful symptoms that encourage the individual to replenish their drug of choice in the body. This is similar to the experience of a “hangover”, but much worse. It is therefore necessary for anyone with a severe drug or alcohol dependency to seek detoxification at a medically supervised detox center to prevent both harmful symptoms from occurring and leading to a potential relapse.

What are some detox withdrawal symptoms?
Withdrawal symptoms associated with drug and/or alcohol cessation can vary depending on the type of drugs or alcohol that are abused, how long they’ve been abused and in what quantity they are abused. However, the NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) characterizes the following symptoms as potential side effects from drug and/or alcohol detoxification if they are not treated with any medication to alleviate the symptoms:

Muscle Tenderness; Aching Bones; Headache; Irritability; Insomnia; Shaking; Delirium; Tremens (DT’s); Convulsions; Hallucinations; Heart Palpitations; Fever; Diarrhea; Abdominal Pain; Hot/Cold Flashes; Nausea; Vomiting; Cramps; Cravings; Anxiety; Profuse; Sweating; Fatigue or Exhaustion; Nerve Pain Restlessness; Depression; Nightmares
Suicidal Thoughts; Mood Swings; Paranoia; Increased Appetite; Insomnia; Sensitivity To Light & Sound

How long does detox last?

A client’s length of stay in detox can vary tremendously depending on what drug(s) or alcohol they’ve been consuming, how much they have been using, if they are combining drugs, as well as their age and general health condition. The following timelines are generally accepted for varying detoxification protocols:

  • Alcohol: Up To 10 Days
  • Opiates: Up To 30 Days
  • Benzodiazepines: Up To 12 Days

What are the risks of detoxing at home?

The risks of detoxing on one’s own can be excruciating or even deadly, which is why it is never recommended to try to detox at home or on your own. Not only can the symptoms of drug and/or alcohol detoxification be lethal, but they almost always cause extreme discomfort and unmanageable cravings that may lead to a relapse. Symptoms such as seizures, convulsions and Delirium Tremens are some of these symptoms, which can accompany alcohol detoxification and benzodiazepine (like Xanax or Klonopin) detoxification. Anyone who abuses either of these substances must seriously consider entering into a professional detoxification program prior to cessation so they can be treated and monitored properly during the entire detoxification period.

Does detox cure addiction?

Detoxification from drug or alcohol addiction is just the first step in the recovery process and alone will not “cure” a person of their substance abuse disorder. Everyone who experiences drug or alcohol addiction has a different path and a different solution, as recovery is an individualized journey. There are people who have undergone drug and/or alcohol detoxification, which led to a lifetime of sobriety. However, this alone is not considered a suitable “cure” for addiction, but merely the critical starting point.

How will I know if I need detox?

A professionally monitored detoxification by a trained medical team is necessary if your drug or alcohol intake has resulted in a growing tolerance for the substance. Do you use much more of your drug of choice than you used to? Does it take more of your drug of choice than it used to reach the desired high or effect that you’re looking for? Can you no longer stop using your drug of choice without feeling “sick”? Have you tried to stop using your drug of choice but were unable to? Do you obsess about using your drug of choice on a daily basis?

Each of these factors alone are indications that you should consult the care and advice from a professional detoxification center. These symptoms are indicative of substance use disorder and are unlikely if not impossible to overcome on one’s own without professional help and a thoughtful, individualized treatment plan of action.

LIV Wellness Center is a place where those battling crippling drug and alcohol addiction can receive individualized detoxification treatment without the pain, discomfort or threat of withdrawal symptoms, cravings or relapse characteristic of detoxing without proper medical supervision.

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